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Effective Collaboration is the engine that transforms imagination into innovation and moves a business forward. It's the essential quality that enables an organization to turn its top-of-the-line ideas into bottom line realities.

Collaboration is a TEAM activity that requires complete participation and understanding. Without effective collaboration, there is no effective innovation --it's that simple. You can have all the great game-changing ideas in the world, but unless you have a highly collaborative team able to capture, conform, and communicate these ideas successfully, the path to failure has been started.

The most important challenges facing any collaborative effort include:

  • How to easily – and accurately – capture ideas
  • How to get ALL participants actively engaged
  • How to reach decisions with attendees most likely in disparate locations
  • How to leverage technologies to communicate results quickly


ICS will provide a smorgasbord of collaboration technology and processes that will make a huge difference in how your team – your company – presents and captures critical ideas.  The tools and processes include:

  • A device that makes ANY hard surface – eg. a whiteboard – and a projector into a note capture tool
  • A device that captures any whiteboard writings electronically and immediately
  • A device that allows a desktop or laptop monitor to become a touch screen
  • Best practice strategies on using these technologies in meetings


Almost anyone in an organization that either captures or communicates information can benefit from this technology.   The real question is:  what is the cost of a missed or misunderstood idea?  This is a problem at any level of an organization. 

A few of the many scenarios where this technology and process are valuable include:

  • Executive/Senior Management
    • Easily capture and cleanly organize Corporate strategy brain storming sessions
    • Enable remote attendees to get more clear and understandable information from what is being presented, and more easily highlight areas of interest
    • Present whiteboard notes real-time to remote attendees
    • Immediately capture and save closed-door whiteboard discussions
    • Access to a pool of high-level diagrams to allow quick and accurate visual of Applications or Infrastructure designs.
  • Infrastructure and Application Design / Development
    • Easily capture and cleanly organize Project Goals/Objectives, Requirements gathering session notes, etc.
    • Quickly capture and communicate key concepts in  brain storming sessions
    • Enable remote attendees to get more clear and understandable information from what is being presented, and be more engaged in the sessions.
    • Capture action items from one-on-one meetings
    • Many other scenarios
  • Training Sessions
    • Control the flow of the training slides while at the front of the room
    • Emphasize / highlight key training information on the screen, AND capture those notes for future use
    • Many others

Thank you.

The ICS Team.


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